12 2 / 2013

Most days I really like my field placement.  Today was not one of them.  Both of my supervisors are telling me different things about how to handle a difficult client who is having a hard time right now.  I want to meet with both supervisors at once and have the three of us talk, but we don’t have a supervision meeting until Thursday of next week…

Then a client that I’m pretty close to moved back into the agency after having been gone for months for this surgery.  I wanted to catch up with her, but her family was there.  I would’ve gotten out of their way anyway, but they were pretty rude to me regardless.  It was like everywhere I went I was getting on everyone’s nerves instead of helping.

The worst thing of all was that I found out another client (who is an alcoholic) was hospitalized over the weekend because she relapsed.  I saw her today and she immediately started opening up to me about everything and crying.  I felt so sad for her that I almost started crying. 

I really need to get a therapist.

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